The quaint little fishing harbour of Fiscardo on the north of Kefalonia is often dubbed “Greece’s prettiest village”. Unlike the rest of the island whose buildings were largely destroyed by the earthquake of 1953, Fiskardo retains much of its original 18th-century architecture. Thanks to its natural harbour, it is also a yachtsman’s paradise lined with luxury boats and upscale restaurants and bars. With rows of Venetian houses in sugary shades of rose, green, lilac, pink, orange and red, indeed Fiscardo paints a postcard-perfect picture. And the sight of posh couples and yachties debating which taverna serves the freshest seafood is exceedingly common. A sleepy village until the 1960s when it was “discovered”  by a handful of hippies, Fiskardo is an idyllic go-to place to spend leisurely, laid back moments, away from the maddening tourist crowds.

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